"Quality of fittings are crucial for pipeline systems. We care deeply about what we supply and the benefits of our clients."

Wong Meo Leong


COPPERAGETM is a registered brand owned by Yingtan Winland Metallurgy Co., Ltd., we are China based company aims to offer fittings of various materials to perfectly fit client's pipeline design.

Winland front desk


COPPERAGE™ was launched in 2017, and mainly focused on copper fittings.

As our business growing, Our products were recoginzed by clients over 5 years development, and the brand has extended its product lines. Currently our fittings include copper fittings, aluminum fittings, steel fittings and so on.

Our Culture

  • Do best, customer first

    Winland gains its competitive advantages from the value that we create for our clients. Our team will give timely and positive feedback upon client's requests, and make every effort to meet the actual needs of customers

  • Professional, meticulous, enthusiastic and Thoughtful

    The needs of clients are becoming more and more diversified. By relying on team member's professionalism and sincere service, we could provide benefits to our customers.

    Not afraid of difficulties, insist on satisfying every customer.

Our Products

aluminum alloy fittings supplier
Aluminum Fittings

high quality aluminum alloy fittings

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Copper and brass fittings supplier
Copper Fittings

Fittings made of pure copper, brass and other copper alloy

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Steel Fittings

Fittings made of steel

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